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We’re a vibrant NGO powered by experienced professionals passionate about connecting cultures and breaking boundaries through intercultural learning and global projects.

Born from a dream in the heart of Calabria, Italy, High on Life began as a collaboration among experienced trainers, leaders, and volunteers. Fueled by a passion for intercultural learning and global outreach, our goal was simple yet profound: to spread the ‘High on Life’ spirit across Europe and beyond. Over the years, we’ve grown into a global network, connecting NGOs and stakeholders across the world. From local initiatives to international projects, we’re committed to creating a platform where youth can learn, grow, and lead.

High on Life’s story is one of growth, connection, and passion. From our early days in Calabria, we have expanded our reach globally, creating a network that transcends borders.

Our Mission

At High on Life, we believe that young people are the architects of the future. Our mission is to empower these young minds, equipping them with the skills, opportunities, and confidence to bring about positive change in their communities and the world.

Our mission is to spread the ‘High on Life’ feeling far and wide, inspiring European youth to cherish life’s wonders and make impactful changes. With a global network we’re creating waves across continents with our international projects and partnerships, offering exciting life changing opportunities.

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At the heart of High on Life are values such as respect, diversity, innovation, and sustainability. These principles guide our projects and our interactions, helping us to build a global community that respects and celebrates differences.

Our Mission at High on Life is to harness the boundless energy and potential of youth, fostering a globally-connected community that values cultural integration, sustainable living, and active citizenship. We are dedicated to providing innovative educational experiences that are transformative, inspiring young individuals to become change-makers in their communities and the world.

Through our diverse programs and initiatives, we aim to shape a generation of leaders who are prepared to address global challenges with creativity and determination

Inclusive Society Building

Promoting equal opportunities for young people to integrate into European education and the workforce, while fostering intercultural awareness and combating prejudices.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Encouraging young people to develop innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills to initiate new ventures.

Active Citizenship and Human Rights Advocacy

Promoting young people's active participation in society, emphasizing their role in upholding and advocating for human rights.

Environmental Consciousness

Raising awareness about sustainable development and encouraging responsible attitudes towards nature and conservation among young people.

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