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High on Life vibes with one truth: Youth power is the ultimate game-changer. We’re here to pump up youth potential, setting up a playground of chances for youth to hold the power to reshape the world. 🌍
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About us

Discover High on Life: Unleashing Youth Potential! 🌍

We’re a vibrant NGO powered by experienced professionals passionate about connecting cultures and breaking boundaries through intercultural learning and global projects.

Our mission is to spread the ‘High on Life’ feeling far and wide, inspiring European youth to cherish life’s wonders and make impactful changes. With a global network we’re creating waves across continents with our international projects and partnerships, offering exciting life changing opportunities.


We Focus on

Inclusive Society Building

Promoting equal opportunities for youth to integrate into EU education and the workforce, while fostering intercultural awareness.

Youth Entrepreneurship
Encouraging young people to develop innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills to initiate new ventures.
Environmental Consciousness

Raising awareness about sustainable development and encouraging responsible attitudes towards environment

Active Citizenship and Human Rights Advocacy

Promoting young people’s active participation in society, emphasizing their role in advocating for human rights.

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Your energy and ideas can make a huge impact. Whether it’s through volunteering, participating in projects, or sharing your innovative thoughts, every contribution counts. Get involved with us and turn your passion into action!

What our members
say !!

Discover the real-life experiences and stories from those who’ve joined us in our mission. Our members are the heart of our community, and their voices reflect the impact and inspiration of our collective journey. Find out how being a part of High on Life has enriched their lives, fostered personal growth, and ignited a passion for change!

I always wanted to travel and explore new cultures, but I didn't have the means. High on Life made it possible with their international projects. I've visited amazing places and made lifelong friends. High on Life, you've enriched my life beyond measure!


I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a High on Life project, and it truly changed my life. The cultural exchange, the friendships I made, and the skills I gained are priceless. Thanks to High on Life, I'm now more confident, globally aware, and ready to take on new challenges


As a teacher, I joined one of High on Life's training courses, and it exceeded my expectations. The combination of learning and experiencing different cultures was fantastic. It not only improved my teaching skills but also broadened my horizons. I can't wait to join another High on Life project!


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