Start-up Explorers: New Horizons

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Start-up Explorers: New Horizons

Entrepreneurship education is paramount in shaping young people’s attitudes, skills not only about business creating, but in the same time about setting the right environment for the development of a skilled, innovative, entrepreneurial workforce able to anticipate change and face challenges.

The most relevant contributions that young entrepreneurs and their teams need at beginning of their journeys can be offered by mentors and experts in the field, and other entrepreneurs.
The project Start-up explorers: New horizons, intend to expand the network of youth workers prepared to deliver high-quality entrepreneurship education learning programmes for young people and to continue to develop interactive and innovative tools while connecting them with valuable mentors.

In the first edition (Dec2018-Mar2020), the main focus of our interventions was: 1. to offer learning opportunities and tools to youth workers and educators; 2. To support the consortium of organisations to innovate their services and to explore new ways of achieving financial stability through social entrepreneurship.

The main aim of the project is to design 1 year prototype for a structured and self-paced learning process for young people interested to start the journey of developing a healthy and sustainable start-up by June 2022. The aim will be reached with the support of 24 youth workers and mentors from 6 European and LAC countries which, during 3 progressive mobilities, will learn through NFE methods how to build the journey: phase 1 – Ideas and opportunities; phase 2 – Resources; phase 3 – Into action.

Our main Objectives

The main objectives of STOP are:

  • Expand the Start-up explorers network with 24 youth workers to be prepared to become multipliers of entrepreneurship education through a 3-phases training.
  • Encourage 120 youth NEETs from 6 countries to start a 1 year guided entrepreneurship journey using 1 hybrid micro-learning workbook.
  • Create 6 national digital maps with hot-spots (learning environments and programmes, incubators, competitions and capital opportunities) for young people.
  • Develop 6 mini-libraries with books, games and other resources for young entrepreneurs in each partner organisation for youth.


  • DGT Association: Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú
  • Partner: High on Life Italy
  • Partner: Asociacija “Aktyvus Jaunimas”; High on Life Chile
  • Partner: Cooperative de Turismo e Promocao Social – Cooperbom Turismo


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