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“High on Life” is a non-profit organization based in Calabria, Italy created by a pool of trainers, coordinators, leaders and volunteers with a huge previous experience in intercultural learning and international projects. “High on Life” is the feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest: someone who is high on life can find reasons to smile in the smallest things, and won't let any random thing ruin the day.

Our main aim is to share this “feeling” with as many European young people as possible, for letting them understand how amazing life is!


In order to implement the number of opportunities we share with our target groups and to ensure a high quality learning process, along the years we created cooperation with a large number of NGOs and stakeholders who provide opportunities on an international level, networking with partner organizations from all over World to organize events and trainings using non-formal educational methods.

The structure of our activity has always moved from the idea of "budding from experience": as a consequence of this policy, a number of new associations and parallel groups which operate from below were born from the exchange of experiences along the various activities of our action (youth exchanges, training courses, meetings and all sort of opportunities we provided as High On Life).

As an example of our motivation, since 2017 we keep building a global network supporting our action: “High on Life Global Network”, which until now counts counts 4 sites in Italy, Spain, Chile and Martinique: it quickly developed during the past years and represents a truly mindset which wants to facilitate our being changemakers in the field of youth and society, in general, operating in a structured way both at local and international levels and counting on the support of NGO’s partners, parallel groups, relevant stakeholders, Municipality, various University departments, Venture Capital and business incubators.

Through our global network we run international training courses and youth exchanges for youth workers, trainers, facilitators and NGO leaders on a number of topics.

Therefore, the experience that the antenna’s members could gain through organizing these courses is priceless and unique.

Moreover, the quality of the projects managed by “High on Life Global Network” is constantly increasing in terms of organizational management, creativity, innovative educational tools and visual facilitation thanks to our positive and continuous contamination throughout the network.


We strongly believe that young people must become a driving force in building the society in which they live; therefore, we want to always create more opportunities in order to help shape a generation that is determined to change our country and the world for the better.

Through a variety of projects and activities (trainings, youth exchanges, seminars, study mobilities, internships and volunteering programs abroad and so on), our purpose is:

  • to generate a climate of inclusion at all levels of society, encouraging the creation of more and equal opportunities for young people to connect with the European education and labour market by fostering the circulation of information, implementing a positive learning environment, limitating the cultural differences while promoting the development of intercultural awareness and combating prejudice and exclusion by encouraging the integration of cultures at all levels: we create local and international projects to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures through the implementation of activities which to endorse the elimination of gender stereotypes, support the integration of minorities into the society and promote equal of opportunities for everybody
  • to empower the youngsters as new new entrepreneurs stimulating the creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people
  • to promote active to promote active citizenship and participation and volunteering among young people
  •  to raise awareness of sustainable development and sustainability among youngsters and to encourage the responsible attitude towards nature and animals, which will promote a sustainable lifestyle and the protection of the environment
  • to foster self-empowerment among young people in terms of improvement of soft and specific skills (communication skills, multilingualism and so on)
  • to promote the offer of various educational opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities dictated by any kind of disadvantaged situations i.e. refugees, minorities, immigrants, difficult social backgrounds and so on
  • to foster the development of rural areas and disadvantaged regions

As mentioned above, High On Life is structuring itself into a direct network that aims to become global in order to be able to act as social operators in the largest number of areas worldwide: nowadays, HOL's antennas are present in Italy, Spain, Chile and Martinique; this represents an opportunity for transnational collaboration; in fact, there are many activities, outside of the Erasmus+ program, carried out online and in presence by this network.

Similarly, thanks to the support of European programs such as Erasmus+, High On Life collaborates with a large number of NGOs and stakeholders engaged in the design and implementation of international activities, around the world, such as youth exchanges, training courses, capacity building and strategic partnerships.

In the last few years, our activity has intensified and lately High On Life has expanded its range of action, collaborating with NGOs in Central and South America, Asia and Oceania.

One of the projects that we care most about is the capacity building "STOP: Save The Ocean Project", funded by EACEA: this project aims to address one of the most important environmental crises of our time, the pollution of the oceans, through activities related to the reduction of plastic waste in Fiji, Thailand, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as in Italy and Lithuania.

We are also very proud of the network we have built in European countries overseas (Caribbean): here, local organizations have been able to benefit from the experience of our organization, which has made available its mentorship and expertise to support the growth of less structured and less experienced associations, in general, thus contributing to the promotion of new social volunteering activities and the Erasmus+ program. As a result, to date many of these overseas associations have already approved Erasmus+ projects.

At the local level, our interventions include workshops on various topics, meetings with prominent personalities who can be of inspiration for young people (e.g. successful entrepreneurs, politicians, digital nomads, etc.), sports competitions, cultural events, art competitions, events promoting volunteering, English speaking events, etc.

 Local communities are indirect beneficiaries of our activities and are always involved, so as to make them aware of the social issues that are discussed during the various meetings and events.

Moreover, our presence on the territory sees us engaged in a strong mentorship for new groups or associations that, thanks to our example and our work, want to contribute to the creation of new voluntary activities that look at Europe with interest: this is the case, for example, of the informal group Euro Youth Club that has to date two solidarity projects (ESC) and a youth exchange.

The current structure of High On Life, the organization chart and the planning we are adopting are the result of what we have tested and approved or revised in the course of our experience. The organization has undergone changes over time, including changes in the number of people and the people themselves who worked there, but thanks to its "Full Stack" character, this has never been a problem but an opportunity to listen to new voices and get in touch with new points of view, possibly adopting renewed methodologies that are still functional. 

Our group is divided into areas of expertise that contaminate each other to grow and improve ensuring interchangeability: each team member has, in fact, full knowledge of the operations of the association and the basics of all areas of the structure and operation of NGOs (from design, logistics, metrics to performance, branding etc..) and for this reason the team collaborates in a functional way, coming to produce well-developed and concrete projects. 

Each of the members, according to an annual rotation - on the basis of common decisions - is responsible (or two in collaboration) for one of the five departmental areas of the association and deals with the specific tasks of the case while continuing to give its contribution to all departments.

The areas in which High On Life is organized are:

1) Board of Directors: two staff members are responsible for the oversight and progress of all HOL activities and departments. They act as problem solvers for any eventuality brought forward by the heads of the various departments. They are also responsible for approving budgets and hiring new staff members.

2) Project executive: The member in charge of this department is responsible for coordinating the various project managers and communicating any needs to the board of directors. Each project manager is responsible for managing a single project/activity and coordinating both hosting and sending employees.

3) Administration: members are responsible for the financial management of the association and of individual projects and can also perform fundraising functions and work closely with the project executive and board of directors.

4) Communication & Dissemination: the managers are responsible for publicizing the activities of the association and individual projects. The team consists of the web developer, social media manager and content creator.

5) Growth: the managers of this sector are responsible for the growth of the association and the creation and care of partnerships.

The key-staff consists of:

  • Fortunato Greco, founder and president of High on Life. He has over 8 years of experience in managing the association and its projects. He has experience working with other NGOs (such as AIESEC Cosenza) but also in the public sector having collaborated with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chile as well as in the private sector, being a successful entrepreneur. He is founder of the international network of HOL having created a network in Central America and disseminated European opportunities in overseas countries (Saint Martin, Martinique and Anguilla etc.). 
  • Francesca Mazzeo has experience as a project designer and in the drafting of projects, communication with partners and management of training activities. She is a trainer, both in the field of formal and non-formal learning and has experience in managing training projects and social actions. She has offered her contribution as a facilitator to local and international projects supporting development, promotion and dissemination of good educational practices and intercultural dialogue, inclusion, entrepreneurship and personal and social growth.
  • Giada Callegari has experience as coordinator of projects in sending and preparation of participants. She has skills as a content creator, creating visual and digital content for communication and dissemination on various communication channels in which she uses original and innovative formats. 
  • Samuel Greco has experience as a youth worker and is the contact person for the activities that take place at the local level, for which he acts as coordinator and manages logistics and communication with the beneficiaries of the local community and the various stakeholders. 
  • Marco Fiorillo is a youth leader with experience in intercultural education and inclusion. She has administrative and accounting skills.

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