STOP (Save the Ocean Project)

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STOP (Save the Ocean Project)

The project aims to tackle one of the current, and biggest, environmental crisis – water pollution (by plastic waste).

Our vision is to create a program for youth workers and organizations, to encourage them towards more responsible usage of plastics. The project STOP will make the following change in the world:

New capacities will be built by the youth organizations and youth workers; it will provide concrete tools for YWs & youth to change their & others’ behaviour; social awareness will be raised (ideally, leading to less plastic over-use).

Our main Objectives

The main objectives of STOP are:

  • To learn about the problems share good practices from around the participating countries/regions.
  • To look for solutions that encourage people to use less plastic , and with more responsibility.
  • To raise the qualifications and competences of youth workers and leaders in the field of environmental protection.
  • To increase the awareness of the problem, by creating social campaigns and related public events.
  • To strengthen the partnership between European and non-European organizations.


  • Coordinator: High on Life
  • Partner: National Youth Council Of Fiji (Fiji Islands)
  • Partner: Richmond Vale Academy (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)
  • Partner: Volunteer Spirit Association (Thailand)
  • Partner: Active Youth Association (Lithuania)


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