Youth for the Environment

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Youth for the Environment

This project is presented with the intention of being able to help improve the environment in the local environments of the countries that are part of the project. In addition to collaborating in the battle against climate change that must be addressed by all Western societies. We aim to achieve all this with the work of youth workers and the work they do with young people. All of this translates into the following objectives:

Our main Objectives


  • Promote and raise awareness about the need to fight climate change and the fight for the maintenance of natural environments.
  • Promote the participation of young people in society, acquiring an active citizenship in which they defend and disseminate tolerance and respect towards the environment and nature. It is at a local and international level given the size of the project and the organizations that take part in it.
  • Develop the skills of youth workers and provide them with the necessary tools so that they can develop a better job in future projects.
  • Generate activities that improve local environments, through environmental sustainability and respect for nature.
  • Train partner organizations to increase and improve their capacities regarding the problems of the climate change, providing them with the necessary tools to contribute to the situation of the group.


  • Coordinator: High on Life
  • Partner: Associação Youth for the Future
  • Partner: High on Life Spain


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