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About High of Life Chile

High on Life Chile is a non-profit organization nestled in the vibrant city of Antofagasta, Chile. As a proud member of the ‘High on Life Global’ network, which boasts branches in Martinique, Spain, and Italy, we stand at the forefront of international cooperation.

Our journey began with a collective vision, led by seasoned professionals deeply immersed in the realms of intercultural learning and international projects. Our expertise spans across both Europe and South/Central America, granting us a unique perspective and a commitment to bridging continents.

What sets us apart is our dedication to fostering cultural integration and dispelling the shadows of cultural violence, not only within Chile but also on a global scale. We orchestrate local and international projects that act as catalysts for cultural harmony and inclusivity, transcending borders and boundaries.

At the heart of our mission lies collaboration. We join hands with a multitude of NGOs and stakeholders, each championing diverse causes that ripple through societies worldwide. Our focus is laser-sharp when it comes to supporting Latin American NGOs, enabling them to host and manage Erasmus+ projects, including capacity-building initiatives, and youth activities with unparalleled proficiency.