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About High of Life Spain

High on Life Spain, a vibrant member of the ‘High on Life Global Network,’ stands tall as an antenna that operates across Europe and beyond. Our network extends its reach to Italy, Chile, Malta, Martinique, and other corners of the globe.

We’re not just a group; we’re a community of young, spirited individuals deeply immersed in the world of European programs, associational fields, and the magic of non-formal learning. Our mission is to share this boundless energy with young minds across Spain, Europe, and the world.

With an unwavering commitment to international engagement, we open our arms to both Spanish and European youth, inviting them to embark on incredible journeys through our projects. Our vision is to foster a deeper understanding of cultures, languages, and diverse ways of life, not only within Europe but also across the world. We are passionate about connecting people to new perspectives, histories, and contexts.

At the heart of our mission is the belief in skill development through non-formal education. We offer workshops, project development opportunities, cultural activities, volunteering initiatives, and more, all aimed at empowering youth to acquire essential life skills.

High on Life Spain operates with precision and purpose, boasting a well-structured team where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Our team members bring a rich tapestry of backgrounds and expertise, spanning youth work, non-formal education, entrepreneurship, communication, social media, environmental advocacy, human rights, and much more.