Active is Fun – Move On

Active is Fun – Move On

The main goal of the project is to fight obesity and sedentarism, promoting healthy living and sports among youth, through the creation and exploitation of a methodology shared in format of guide. The research with the guide permits the exchange of good practices among NGOs and Youth Workers in terms of activities, information, research, methods etc.

The project wants to make an impact on the target groups and produce changes in their current behavior. the project want:

  • To decrease the number of consumers of fast food.
  • To raise awareness about the principles of healthy eating.
  • To increase physical activity to a minimum of 1 hour per day.
  • To exchange ideas and practices with other European NGOs and YWs etc.

Therefore, we want to promote healthy living and sports among youth by making them work together irrespective of their appearance, thus diminishing the attitude of discrimination that is targeted at youth with overweight problems. We will have the youth and youth workers communicate and share their ideas in a European framework, which will raise their awareness about the situation in other European countries.

Our main Objectives

  1. Reducing Fast Food Consumption: One of the project’s main objectives is to decrease the reliance on fast food among young people. By raising awareness about the impact of such eating habits on health and well-being, the project aims to steer youth towards healthier dietary choices.
  2. Promoting Healthy Eating Principles: Alongside reducing fast food consumption, the project emphasizes educating the youth about the fundamentals of healthy eating. This involves not just understanding what constitutes a balanced diet but also learning how to incorporate these principles into daily life.
  3. Encouraging Physical Activity: A critical goal of the project is to increase physical activity among young people, aiming for at least one hour per day. This is not just about structured sports but also includes fun, engaging activities that can seamlessly integrate into daily routines.
  4. Fostering Collaboration and Exchange: The project prioritizes the exchange of ideas and practices with other European NGOs and Youth Workers. This collaborative approach not only broadens the scope of the project but also enables the sharing of diverse, effective strategies in promoting health and sports.
  5. Combating Discrimination: A unique aspect of the project is its focus on diminishing discrimination against youth facing overweight issues. By bringing together young people of all appearances and backgrounds, the project fosters a sense of community and mutual support.


  • Applicant – Copenaghen Youth Network
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner:  Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa


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