Digital Wise

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Digital Wise

Digital Wise project focuses on young people digitalisation. Today, digitalisation is an important aspect of youth work. It is often considered that digital technologies assist in reaching out to and including more young people, particularly those who are difficult to reach owing to various social, geographical, economic or cultural barriers. This action will result in: youth consultations on skill-building needs, three “learning to participate” tools, policy recommendations, networking activities, social awareness campaign to raise the awareness on poverty challenges among youth.

Our main Objectives

  1. Youth Consultations for Skill Building: A core component of the project is to conduct youth consultations to understand their digital skill-building needs. This ensures that the project’s efforts are aligned with the actual requirements of young people, making the learning process more effective and relevant.
  2. Developing ‘Learning to Participate’ Tools: The project aims to create three innovative tools under the theme of ‘learning to participate’. These tools are designed to not only impart digital skills but also to encourage active participation and engagement in the digital world, empowering youths to become confident digital citizens.
  3. Policy Recommendations for Digital Inclusion: An important goal of Digital Wise is to formulate policy recommendations. These recommendations will be geared towards enhancing digital access and literacy among youth, guiding policymakers in creating more inclusive and effective digital strategies.
  4. Networking Activities: Recognizing the power of collaboration, the project includes networking activities to connect young people with peers, professionals, and experts in the digital field. This networking is intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices.
  5. Social Awareness Campaign: A pivotal part of the project is a social awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about the challenges of poverty among youth in the digital era. This campaign seeks to highlight the importance of digital inclusion as a tool for combating socioeconomic disparities.


  • CoordinatorAsociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas” – Active Youth Association
  • Partner: High on Life
  • Partner: Association Pour Le Developpement Des Initiatives Citoyennes Et Europeennes – A.d.i.c.e
  • Partner: Fundacja Instytut Partnerstwa Strategicznego
  • Partner: Avrupa Entegrasyon Dernegi – European Integration Group


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