Inclusive Youth Work For Ngo’s

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Inclusive Youth Work For Ngo’s

The objective of this project is the creation of a guide/toolkit for the creation of audiovisual contents for the organisations that allow a better access to the Erasmus+ programme, in particular to the Youth Exchange projects, to those young people who find greater difficulties for their incorporation in the programme.

This project not only aims to facilitate the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in the programme, but also aims to improve the quality of youth work and organisations through innovation and the use of new technologies.

The Erasmus programme is a dynamic programme that is constantly changing to meet society’s needs. That is why in recent years it has been trying to involve organisations in order to carry out more inclusive activities, even providing them with financial mechanisms to carry them out. However, in many cases, these mechanisms only affect specific activities and do not have a tangible impact on the structure and processes of the organisations.

We know that despite their attempts to attract young people with fewer opportunities, organisations often do not get the expected response from them and this in some way undermines the potential of the European Commission’s inclusion actions.

This project suggests that one of the reasons for this lack of capacity of the organisations is that they need to introduce changes in their models of promotion and management of the programme within their structure so that they can reach more young people with fewer opportunities. This includes simplified messages, adapted guides, new approaches, protocols and audiovisual material with subtitles, reference maps and sign language versions. All this through innovation and the promotion of the use of new technologies specifically through the creation of audiovisual

Our main Objectives


  • Coordinator – ASSOCIAÇÃO NOVO MUNDO AZUL (Portugal)
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner:  Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa (Spain)


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