Positive outlook developing: sexual identity and education

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Positive outlook developing: sexual identity and education

Through the project we intend to develop dynamic education strategies for youth in the area of sexuality that can be integrated into the work of NGOs and educational institutions.

The aim is to support a systematic change in the approach with which the topic of sexual identity is dealt with, encouraging openness to dialogue through a bottom-up method, from young people, youth workers, educators, public and private, to policy making.

Starting from young people’s perceptions, educators’ and experts’ considerations, awareness of the real, social and political dynamics, and the good practices of partner NGOs, more accessible educational resources are created, inclusive and appropriate for young people. Youth Workers have the opportunity to learn new knowledge to increase the issues they can focus on with their their own NGOs while providing their skills to create interactive, creative and inspiring materials that provide solutions to youth and community information gaps

Our main Objectives

  • Promote the continuing education of youth workers in order to innovate and update their knowledge in relation to the needs of the new generation.
  • To develop good educational practices pertaining to sexual identity, adapted to the needs and approach of young people, with the aim of integrating these into the daily work of NGOs and educational institutions. 
  • Sensitize youth, youth workers, teachers, NGOs, parents, and educational institutions on the importance of Providing holistically shaped and inclusive sex education to youth, with the aim of encouraging openness to dialogue and fostering change toward inclusive social policies through public opinion. 
  • Increase young people’s critical spirit and curiosity about sexual identity through the use of innovative information such as quizzes in digital format and audiovisual content on social networks, to make accessible to young people an improved awareness of their own sexual identity and promote a deeper respect for that of others’.


  • Coordinator: High on Life
  • Partner: Centre for Sustainable Solutions Ireland
  • Partner: Asociacija “Aktyvus jaunimas”
  • Partner: Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa


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