Boosting European Democratic Participation

Boosting European Democratic Participation

Political participation is at the heart of every functioning democracy as it about active involvement of citizens engaged in the formulation, passage and implementation of public policies. Precisely due to this reason many are concerned about the shape of democracies worldwide. Indeed, we are dealing with a gradual decrease in voting turnout, particularly evident with younger generations, however, this drop has accelerated dramatically regardless of democratic traditions and geopolitical contexts.

As political participation – from electoral turnout to party membership – has significantly declined over the past 40 years both in Europe and beyond, particular care needs to be taken that young Europeans get the best possible opportunity to engage with their political systems.

The greater part of citizens, especially youth, do not participate actively in the political and social life of their country, becoming more evident at a European level. This often happens because of ignorance or lack of communication from the European institutions. It is very important to develop a feeling of being European.
Young people must not simply be consulted but there must be an active effort on the part of the governing authorities, NGOs and YWs to include them further in policy development, for example in the agenda setting phase or in the implementation of solutions to pressing social issues.
The main purpose of this project is to contribute to the objectives of the European Commission with regard to the democratic and political participation of the citizens of the EU. This project is proposed not only concerning electoral participation, but also regarding factors linked to this democratic process, such as the feeling of belongingness to the EU, the lack of closeness to the European institutions, the lack of knowledge of the processes of democratic participation and the need to involve the least represented groups.

Our main Objectives

  • Increasing participation of youth in democratic and political life.
  • Bringing the European institutions closer to the citizens of the Member States, with a specific focus on minorities groups
  • Informing European youth of the democratic tools they have to participate in decision-making within the European Union
  • Making under-represented groups visible in European democratic life (women, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, etc…).


  • Applicant – Toulouse Youth Network
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner:  Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa (Spain)


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