Push Inclusion Through Youth Work

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Push Inclusion Through Youth Work

The goal of the project is to create a special program in which youth workers would include refugees and immigrants in their work with youth. This way the youth would get a chance to develop in a multicultural environment; thus building up their tolerance and multilingualism. Meanwhile, the immigrants and refugees would integrate into the society faster, since local youth would help them with the language, culture, traditions, etc.

Our main Objectives

  • To share and confront ideas, practices and methods on special methodologies, which involves refugees and immigrants into youth work.
  • Create Social Business Idea Challenge – a contest included in the before mentioned programme, inviting European youth to create business models aimed at supporting refugees and immigrants.
  • refugees and immigrants Create documented standards for youth workers willing to include the multi-cultural element in their work.
  • Create a ‘Refugee-friendly’ label that could be awarded to businesses/organizations that help or employ refugees or support various related initiatives (it would act as an incentive and/or as a proof of social responsibility)
  • Create a web platform, which would include helpful resources created during the project. It would also store a database of companies/organisations that have been awarded the ‘Refugee-friendly’ label
  • Create generated social entrepreneurship ideas on refugee and immigrants integration that would be developed further after the end of the project.


  • Coordinator: Somos Europa (Spain)
  • Partner: Association Active Youth (Lithuania)
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner: NSERTA (Spain)


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