Sport Without Boundaries

three people playing basketball

Sport Without Boundaries

The project aimed to unite people from different generations, different backgrounds, and different cultures and broke negative stereotypes through sports activities. One of the project’s objectives was to promote volunteerism in sports activities and raise the qualifications and competencies of young volunteers to provide them with tools for international volunteering in sports. Another key objective of the project was to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities, and awareness of the importance of healthy physical activity through grassroots sports.

Our main Objectives

  • Organized a 2-day “Professional Sport Volunteers” training in Lithuania for youth workers to gain a deeper understanding of volunteerism in sport and sport education.
  • Organized the Sports Summer Camp in Canakkale, Turkey, where sport volunteers had a chance to apply their knowledge when was working with young people from different backgrounds.
  • Organized football championship “Football Without Boundaries “in the premises of the College of Europe, Natolin, used football as a tool to overcome prejudices and looked for a common language for different groups.
  • Creation of “Encourage Sports” contest for young people to come up with new initiatives for the promotion of active lifestyle and social inclusion through sports.
  • Prepared and publicized guidelines on how to encourage volunteerism in sport.


  • Coordinator: Association Active Youth (Lithuania)
  • Partner: Strategic Partnership Institute (Poland)
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner: Czech Youth Association (Czech Republic)
  • Partner: European Integration Group (Turkey)


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