Welcome Positive Attitude for Youth

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Welcome Positive Attitude for Youth

The project stems from the desire to improve the quality of life of Youth Workers and young people from a personal and professional point of view, through the development of the transversal competence: Positive mindset. This competence encompasses several soft skills useful to manage daily challenges by following a proactive and problem-solving approach.
Several factors motivated the decision to create a project on this topic, including:

  • The psychological and physical consequences of the health and economic crisis, caused by the Covid-19, on workers and young people in their quality of life and social interaction capabilities.
  • Needs analysis and good practices developed during a number of previous projects related to the topic, implemented by the partners over the last years.
  • The greater importance of physical and mental well being obtained in public opinion, particularly among the younger population.
  • A worsening of the level of “Happiness” in European populations, detected by the “Happiness Index”. (data reported below).
  • Increased social pressure on young people due to the use of social networks, which produce a distortion of reality and lower levels of self-esteem when used without the necessary skills.
  • Changing skills required by the labour market, which no longer considers soft skills as additional skills, but rather as complementary to hard skills.

Our main Objectives

  • General objective 1-To make it easier for young people and youth workers to develop a positive attitude that helps increase their physical and psychological wellness by learning practices that can be used individually and collectively for a better management of emotions, physical repercussions and social interaction capabilities.
  • Objective 2: To develop and test with 240 young people good practices that Youth workers can use to support young people to face daily challenges with a proactive spirit and to increase their self-confidence by providing strategies to reduce the negative effects of digital network use so to have a prosperous vision of the present and the future.
  • Objective 3: To train 20 Youth Workers on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and understand how the mind and body are interconnected, with the aim of generating a greater capacity for introspection and mentoring and share the values with other Youth workers in Europe.
  • Objective 4: To create proactive working environments that motivate Youth Workers to use creativity, innovation and collaboration, to effectively achieve individual and collective goals, to create a balanced and healthy daily routine and to transmit a proactive approach of life to young people.


  • Applicant – Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa
  • Partner: High on Life (Italy)
  • Partner: Avrupa Entegrasyon Derneği
  • Partner: ASOCIATIA NEVO PARUDIMOS (E10184244 – RO)


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